Class Completion

JX Writing provides full-course completion services for those who would rather not be bothered with or do not have the time for a course. This is a service which is extremely unique to the individual and the academic that we provide you with that will complete your course.



The way it works here at JX is that first we assess the work needed with you, analyzing or taking a trial run through some of the work and the class. Then after that, we can quote you a price for a set frame of time or a set number of assignments or in some cases we can quote you the cost for the full course up front. This depends greatly on the amount of material we initially have access to. For instance, an online course with full access to all the content, homework, essays and tests will be easy to quote you for while as a more realistic course with material given out on a weekly basis will have to be budgeted week by week, and we’d likely charge based on the hours spent.


After this is done, you will be assigned a work manager– this is someone who will be distributing your work among the proper specialists at JX. The purpose of assigning you a specialist is for your privacy and safety. All managers are people who I, Jake, have personally known to be trustworthy and able to handle the responsibility of someone’s coursework. They also are people whom I trust to keep your business private. They are tasked with adequately distributing your work among writers and academics to prevent those individuals from being able to piece together who you are. Your manager is your go-to source for any information regarding progress, payment or status of any of your work and can be reached at reasonable times– again reasserting why they are chosen to be class managers. All class managers have also worked at the firm for at least a year, so they are guaranteed to know the terms of service, quality guarantee and the general in’s and out’s of the business as well as boasting a knack for customer service.


After getting to know your manager, you both can work on a time table for both you and us, establishing when what assignments will be done and when what amount will have to be payed. Again, this will be on a case by case basis and as such I cannot offer any sort of estimates on this page. Should you have any further questions or wish to make a request, shoot an email to and explain what you need done and you’ll be put in touch with one of our managers to assist you in answering such questions.

Again, email for any requests.