Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost…?

Any questions about price can be answered on their specific pages. If you are interested in essays, please visit the Essays page. For pricing classes and coursework, visit our page about it.

What factors into cost?

Many things factor into cost, including: length, due date, rigor of work, research needed, depth of material, prior knowledge necessary, reading needed, works cited page / annotated bibliography needed, client manners, reach-ability, customer history and formatting. By default I charge a bit extra and put everything into MLA format to make it nice and neat and add a little extra to the bill, but if you should be so inclined you may opt out of that.

How does paying work?

Most of what I do is through PayPal, which you can find a guide for using here. It is simple, easy, fast and works %100 of the time in my experience. As much of my business has moved online, so too have my methods of payment. If you’d like more info about how to pay, feel free to visit the PayPal page.

How do I get an essay done?

Just fill out one of these bad boys and we’ll get you started.

Can you guys just do the whole course?

Yes, we offer full and hands-off course completion services. Just visit this page to learn a bit about that or if you’re dead-set on having a class done, email us class@jxwriting.com.

How do you determine the length of a page?

I put all of the text that I write into MLA format which is 12pt. Times New Roman, with 1-Inch margins and double spaced. From there I determine the price; I do this regardless of what formatting you ask, because this is an easy and universal way of measuring the work I do.