Frequently Asked Questions

– FAQ –

How Can I Talk To You?

I love working on weird or seemingly complex problems. Feel free to reach out through any method on our contact page or via cell below. If I miss you, please leave a message and I’ll call back!

+1 (714) 722 3868


What Help Can You Offer?

Most people are happy to hear that a lot of the work that comes through is actually start-to-finish research proposals / journal drafts. Oftentimes, I work on everything from the initial selection of topics to handling IRB / general edit requests.

So, whether you need help with edit requests, a research partner, or someone to write the whole thing, I’ve got you covered. Capstone folks, your work is very similar so I’m happy to help you out as well.

***Those looking for help on their papers, journal/source reviews or case studies can fill out a normal essay request.

Past subjects include: Business Administration, Psychology, History, Nursing, Education, Management, Communications.

What's Your Background?

I’d recommend looking around the site for a general idea of the work I do day-to-day. I manage all graduate work that comes through the site and look over my essayists and editors who handle some undergrad work and online classes. Everything is small and local, but I do work with freelancers on other projects outside the industry which is thanks in great part to the education I’ve received doing this.

I wrote my first paper for someone back in middle school for a high schooler. In high school, I marketed my service to undergraduates and by the time I was a senior, I completed my first graduate paper in the field of behavioral psychology on the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on children. I spent a year in college, paying out of pocket, before I realized the pacing was nothing compared to what I did at work. So, I doubled-down on this business and invested myself in it. I feel so lucky to have done travelling across the US and Asia while maintaining this practice though today I’m pretty settled into California.

When I came back, I worked as a ghostwriter, getting involved in the production of about a dozen different books by the end of 1.5 years of work. That was fun but the pacing of such projects was too slow for me to handle, with at least 5 of the titles falling through, an issue that rarely happens with graduate work. I love the intellectual exercise and it reflects in my past 5 years of graduate work.

All majors mentioned on the site are past projects- I don’t advertise what I have not done. I’m happy to take any subject but have worked with a few multiple times: Business, Psychology, Sociology, Nursing, History, Political Science, Management, Communication and others.

This is basically all that I do, 7 days a week, outside of travel. I’m lucky to have a team I can rely on when I need time with family or on my own issues, but generally I just like to work.

Everything starts with a call.

Feel free to review the information here. If you have further questions or would like to get started, I’d recommend getting in touch. I’m happy to jump on at any point and help you progress forward. From editing to initial research and drafting, I can do it all, so don’t be worried about content / understanding (unless it is the T.E.M. in S.T.E.M. Majors).