Services and Guarantees


Documents written through this website are guaranteed to be quality work, however there are situations when typos and grammatical errors may be made, it happens. This is especially prevalent in close due dates and in situations where there is infrequent or too frequent contact between the customer and the site. There are measures in place to deal with these errors however, and these are covered free of charge:

-Errors in Grammar


-Formatting Errors


Then, there are situations where I will not fix any issues you have for free. These include edits that are made to fit the demands or personal wants of your teacher. If the request was not stated on the rubric or the prompt and it was not specially mentioned before giving you a quote, any changes made to fit the needs of a teacher will be extra. This includes writing in a specific tense or citing outside of the correct and up-to-date format. Edits that are not included for free are also any other personal requests like splitting paragraphs or editing the format in a way that is outside of the up-to-date format. These will cost extra and depending on the extent to which the document must be edited, it may cost as much as a rewrite (50%-100% the cost).


All refunds are served within 3-5 days of being started. The refunding process will begin within a week of a request for a refund being placed. This is because should the site be down or on vacation, your email will be received within a week and responded to. If your order was already sent and you request a refund then you must litigate with the site to get a refund. In all honesty you already received the product and you should have already received a copy that you could have reviewed. In addition to that, you own a copy of the document and there is no way for the site to rightfully take back its work in all its integrity. This is a short explanation as to why we do not give refunds. Another large reason that people request a refund is a grade and the simple fact of the matter is that you bought an essay not a grade. We provide the content and if it’s to your standards then you have every option to turn it in or to not turn it in. We have no way of understanding the needs of your professor or of the class aside from the materials that you provide the site. Payment done in halves, (half upfront and half upon completion of some milestone) is done so to protect both sides. Should we deliver on the first milestone and it not meet your quality standards, you are not obligated to pay the last half. However, JX Writing will keep the initial half payment to cover the pricing of cancellation and work completed thus far as well as the time slots which the writer set aside for the intended work. Clients are expected to remain in contact with us for the duration of the work period. Complications arising from a failure to remain in contact or respond to us properly and in a timely manner may be grounds for the waiving of a refund. Because, should a client cause work to be halted, and in all cases they will be alerted of the halting of work, then the responsibility falls on them for late completion or a failure to complete the paper. Writers at tier one level, being new to the system, do reserve the right to cancel a paper. In this case, you will receive a full refund upon the news of the cancellation; without delay. An essay may be refunded within 12 hours of it’s due time if the client is alerted; but only in cases which there was less than 24 hours to complete said essay. Once a refund has been sent per a request (either directly through us in a civil manner, or through one of our payment providers i.e. PayPal, Venmo, etc.), we no longer offer protection for any emails, transactions or other exchanged information; it will become a part of the public domain for all intents and purposes, including distribution, marketing purposes and other inquiries. After you have been approved for a refund and any requested conditions of the refund are fulfilled then you will enter the same process that is stated at the beginning of this section.


Quotes are given based solely on the information inside of a single request email. any further additional information, details, requests or additions are either void or subject to charges depending on the situation. Quotes are made based on the assumption of an honest request form, compromising any details in the form compromises the integrity of the essay, quote and process and thereby voids any obligations by the writer. The writer is obligated only to complete what is in the single request email with the completed form, additions can be expressly requested in a new request email and upon approval by the writer, become valid and necessary. Upon the sending of a quote, the client has 24 hours to either accept or decline the quote. If the quote is accepted and any conditions of  the quote are not met, the separate price for not meeting those requirements are charged. If there was no aforementioned option given, the essay is considered void until it is re evaluated. Should an essay fail to be re evaluated after being marked void, if the time has been a week since marking void, it becomes forfeit and any money paid hence is also forfeit. Any client in this situation is free to complete another request form for the same essay but the respective charges for that essay will be separate of the previously forfeit essay. Should 24 hours pass and the conditions not be met but the client should wish to continue work on the essay, a new quote can be established by submitting a new request form. This new request form will receive a new quote that’s price will reflect newly cumbersome time frames or other inconveniences. Inconveniences caused by failing to be punctual about meeting the requirements of the last request may be factored into the price.


All course completion quotes are given on the basis that they have one tester week. This week will either solidify or nullify the quote. Should a worker determine they want to end the course, they must contact the client either through a manager or directly within the first 7 days since down payment for the course. Clients in this scenario are to be given a counter offer, and be given full funds back to them, due to be in their account with 7-14 days. We strive to cater to all our clients, but there are times when work loads become too much or there was a miscalculation. Any complaints should be directed to Jake Xochilt directly at


This site uses several outside sources to judge how much an essay should cost or to convert and edit things. For convenience and to give consideration to these services, they are listed below:

Libre (for writing in various languages)

And, several other sources to gain price estimations to better gauge the lowest price for your essay.