First, you will need funds to add to the PayPal account. To do this, either have a pre-paid card which can be purchased at most grocery stores, 7-11’s or other stores that carry gift cards; or you can use a bank with a checking account and link that to your PayPal.

Next is making the PayPal account. Simply follow the steps on their site and it should be fairly easy. If you do not have a bank account to verify your account, fret not. Simply click the PayPal button once you get to the screen that asks you to confirm your account with a bank account and– presto– you did not need a bank account. To link your bank, simply follow their self-explanatory steps. If you have a pre-paid card, click “Wallet” in the top navigation bar. Then, click “Add a Card” and follow their simple steps to add your card.

Now that you have your account all set-up and you are ready to pay me, click “Send & Request” in the top navigation bar.¬†Then click “Send money to friends and family” (if you click to put it under business, then there is an additional fee that I must charge you (10%). Regardless of what you place the payment under I file taxes on it anyways, so don’t think you’re cheating or anything). In the email space, put and then enter in the amount of money that you owe in the second space. After clicking “Next” you’re done!

A Defense of PayPal

I am often asked why I choose to use PayPal, whether it be “Why don’t you use… XYZ transfer system?” or “Why not checks?” and the simple answer is ease of use. PayPal is arguably the fastest and most reliable means of paying people through the internet out there. Other services aren’t backed by the huge business that PayPal has and aren’t held to the same standards tax-wise either. PayPal instantly lets me know that actual money has been transferred and that I am safe to give away my work. On top of that, it is also easy for anyone of any age or background to use PayPal, as I deal with customers not only in the U.S. but also in Asia, Europe and South America. So to put it simply, PayPal is safe, certain, secure and instantaneous.