Basic Outline

  1. Fill out a request.
  2. We’ll send you an email / text with a price or questions.
  3. New customers pay half after we agree on a price & recurring customers pay in full.
  4. We send you a redacted copy of your essay for you to review (or a full copy if you paid in full).
  5. You pay your last half (if applicable).
  6. We send the final, full and editable copy of your essay.

Full Process

First you must fill out a small form. After receiving this, we will review the information and send you a quote. Should the quote seem acceptable you can move to pay your first half. Please understand that your job is not queued until your payment has been confirmed. After we are done working on your piece, we will email you a redacted copy of your document (pieces of the text are blacked out so as to allow you to read how we write and how much we’ve done, but also protect my work from being stolen) or if you’ve paid in full, the full document. Should the redacted copy fit your standards then you will pay the final half and we will immediately respond with the full, uncensored document. Tips are always appreciated after reading through your essay, especially since it is free to make as many transactions as you want, but they are not mandatory.